Exterior Painting

Ready to Start Your Exterior Painting Project
J & K Painting serves Prattville, Millbrook, and Wetumpka AL with professional exterior painting services for both residential and commercial customers. Our expert painters are craftsmen with extensive experience painting a variety of homes and businesses in the local area.

Whether your painting project involves your home exterior or an entire commercial complex, we consistently deliver the highest quality service at affordable rates. Our prices are reasonable, our service fast, and the attention paid to your home above normal standards.

A exterior house painting makeover is almost impossible without painting. Following are a few reasons why you will want to hire a residential painting company to paint your house.

• Increased Value––A well maintained home, which means a nicely painted interior and exterior, increases the value of your house.

• Affordable Fix––Employing a residential painting professional is a small investment with big returns. It is not necessary to spend a lot to paint your house.

• Positive Energy––An updated, freshly painted house promotes comfort and a pleasant feeling.

• Cleanliness––Quality paints remove dirt and dust from the exterior of your home.

• Regular Maintenance––The exterior of a house requires regular maintenance for keeping it looking new. Marred places and stains can spoil the beauty of a house, but having a residential paint contractor paint it will keep it looking like new.

• Appealing Appearance––Painting with known brands and quality paints will improve the appearance of your house.

If you want a job completed to your expectations, it is important to contact a qualified residential painting company like J & K Painting in Prattville, AL.

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